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Suspend Your Disbelief!

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Very strange news came in today. 

Some ‘parents’ in Hyderabad, it is reported, took out a procession to say that they don’t mind losing their Children’s education for the sake of achieving separate Telangana State. They are reported to have said that no school bell should ring until Telangana State is achieved.

It is so obviously a ‘set up’ procession.

All over the Nizam region parents are seething with anger at the closure of schools. It is not just those who do not sympathise with the cause of T agitation or only those who are indifferent to the goings on. 

Even those who are in full agreement with the agitators’ agenda are also completely against the closure of the educational institutions. They said it so many words. 

In the newspapers and on the television screens one has seen anguished parents taking the school managements and the agitators to task for shutting the schools down. Some parents said that they, the adults, were prepared for any sacrifices but would not let their children suffer and lose their academic year.

In fact, it requires a blind suspension of disbelief to believe that those who took out the procession today were in fact parents. And even stronger dose of gullibility to believe that they wanted no school bell to ring till T state is formed.

The best thing for the agitators could be to gracefully acknowledge the anguish of the parents and give in to the demand of exempting educational institutions from the ongoing Bandh. 

Had the agitators been convinced about the correctness of their agitational methods, they would have been graceful. Had they been confident about the strength of public support, they could have been flexible. 

After all if the support for the general strike is really strong, it doesn’t need parents to say that they are prepared for the loss of instruction to their children to prove it.

You need such props only if the real thing is unconvincing.

Strength and courage of conviction about the goals and the methods to achieve them endows an agitation with grace, flexibility, and humility to retrace steps. 

An agitation which feels insecure and knows it’s inner hollowness cannot muster that kind of courage and grace. Instead it tries to cover up and become dogmatic and rigid. It cannot face a simple and a very plain fact that goes against it’s grain.

It tries to deceive the people. And in the process, deceives itself.

The leadership of T agitation wants us to believe that parents do not want their children to go to schools. They laboured to bring some parents on to the road to say that. 

Doesn’t it occur to them that it looked so evidently scripted and stage managed?