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Our First 100 Days

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We were quiet.

That’s what we were on the day we completed our 100 days in office.

While we were quiet, our actions were loud.

On the 16th of this month the government of Andhra Pradesh under the leadership of Sri Chandrababu Naidu completed 100 days in office.

We didn’t buy space and time in newspapers and television channels. We didn’t sponsor any special editions or pull outs in the dailies and periodicals. No advertorials. No boastful talk. There was no ostentation. We were as quiet as we were till the 15th. As quiet as we were for all those 99 days. Our Chief Minister did not line up any big ticket media interviews. There was no media blitz.

On that day the union minister of power Sri Piyush Goyal was in town to sign an MOU for Power For All programme that gives 24×7 power to Andhra Pradesh. NTPC officials came and signed papers to set up a 4000 Mw thermal power station in Visakhapatnam district. Union government’s solar power wing officials were in tow to sign an agreement to set up what could perhaps be the world’s largest solar power park with 2500 Mw capacity. Defence Ministry officials came to ink an agreement that handed over the lands allocated to them to set up defence related industries. Hero Motors representatives came to receive the land where they are going to set up their motor cycle manufacturing and R&D unit.

All this amounted to over ₹ 80k crores investments in Andhra Pradesh.

All this has happened in a spartan tent erected in the premises of Lakeview guest house from where the AP Chief Minister works.

A booklet on what the Governmemt of AP has done in the last 100 was released on the occasion: Telugu version by Sri Chandrababu Naidu and English version by Sri Piyush Goyal. A link to the slideshare of the booklet can be found here:

Please do take a look at it and let me know your thoughts on it.