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It’s Two Months!

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It’s two months since I have taken over as the Advisor (Communications) to the Government of Andhra Pradesh. I have now an opportunity to use communications to contribute to the building of a new state. Almost from foundation. We are making an effort to make communications a tool for development.

I did whatever I could to oppose the division of the state. But powerful forces succeeded in bifurcating the state. The mother state of Andhra Pradesh got a raw deal in the process. The Act that divided the state was lopsided, ill thought out, and denied AP a level playing field. The state now is lumbered with a huge financial deficit, lost many institutions, has no capital, and the administration is forced to sit almost 170 kilometres away from the territory it administers.

There are huge challenges staring at us. But there are huge opportunities too.

Fortunately, the state has the wherewithal to convert the challenges into advantages. It is endowed with rich natural and mineral resources, long coastline, progressive farmers, and above all it is blessed with a vibrant young population which is qualified, skilled and is raring to go.

The Chief Minister has outlined a clear vision. He is focussed. His ability to work hard has not come down over the years. In fact, most of those who work with him are unable to catch up with his speed.

It is a right mix of challenge, opportunity, leadership and vision that we see in the new state of Andhra Pradesh.

Our state is now the most happening state in the country. Our goals are very clear. We want to be one of the three top performing states in the country by 2022, the year our country celebrates its 75th anniversary of independence. And by 2029, Andhra Pradesh should be the top performing state.

We are trying to make this objective not merely a governmental objective. It ought to be the objective of the entire people of the new Andhra Pradesh. Development of AP now has to be a peoples’ movement.

I hope we from our office of Advisor (Communications) will be able to contribute our mite to this gigantic effort.

Wish us well.