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Shinde’s Rebuff to Separatists

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The statement by Sushil Kumar Shinde, the Union Home Minister, at the monthly press briefing is a clear rebuff to the agitators who want the state of Andhra Pradesh divided.

The head of Tealngana Rashtra Samiti (TRS), the political party that is in the forefront of  the so called Telangana movement has been saying that he had clear ‘signals’ about the imminent division of the state. At present he is in the national capital ostensibly to clinch the deal for the separation of the state.



It is clear that he went on no one’s invitation. He has not been able to meet anyone important so far in Delhi. He managed to meet Vaylar Ravi, a Union Minister and part time in-charge of the affairs of Andhra Pradesh on behalf of Congress Party, after strenuous efforts of a Congress MP from Telangana region who happens to be a friend of the Minister. That is the only remarkable event of his sojourn in Delhi so far.

Shinde in his press briefing clearly said that the Union Government has not sent any ‘signals’ on the imminent division of the state. He brushed aside the suggestion saying that people who are leading agitations are generally given to saying such things. He said that their utterances need not be taken seriously. He said that there were different versions on the demand or desirability of the division of the state. He even sought to raise questions on the desirability citing the experiences of the small states created in the recent past. He said there was evidence that those states had seen a spurt of Naxal activity.

The agitators’ bluff is called.

It does not take great political insight to understand why the separatists are harping on ‘signals’. They want to somehow keep the support for the demand live. Those who want to jostle for politcal space would hold on if the formation of Telangana is a probability. It is only this section which is agitating now.Once it is made clear that division is not a probability, they would look for a different political platform for their career progression.

The ‘signal’ bluff is to keep this flock together.

The general public of the region have seen through the game of these wicked separatist politicians. The students, teachers, employees, workers, farmers, traders, and people of all walks of life are now unconvinced about the demand and are therefore indifferent to the calls for bandhs and agitations.

It is not surprising that a demand based on lies, half-truths, hate, distortions of facts and history will meet this sort of fate.