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Celebrating Telugu Language, Literature and Scholarship

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Two legends were felicitated the other day by Turaga Foundation in Vijayawada. Sri C Raghavachari who edited Visalandhra daily newspaper for over thirty years was given Turaga Krishnamohan Award in Journalism. And Smt P Satyavathi who wrote very influential short stories was presented the Turaga Janakirani Award in Literature. About 70 people attended the meeting and as many as 50 stayed till the end. By any standards it is a big number for a literary gathering like this.

Turaga Krishnamohan died in a road accident in 1974. He died young but by then he made a mark as a political commentator and a humourist. His columns were widely read and talked about. His widow Janakirani died last year. Janakirani was a multi-faceted personality: she was a broadcaster, short story writer, social activist, musician, danseuse and a fine conversationist.

 I went as one of the guests of the function. I felt it was my privilege to attend the event and more so to present the awards to the legends of Telugu letters. Raghavachari edited the daily news paper supported by the Communist Party of India. He remains an icon in the field of journalism. His breadth of knowledge is astonishing. His commentary on the political events was predictably on the lines of his party, but his writings on literature and social developments showed the depth of his perspective. Smt Satyavathi wrote very economically. During a career spanning 70 years as a short story writer she produced only 70 stories. Progressively her short stories got shorter. That is the unique feature of her writing calaysreer. She portrayed the harsh domestic and social reality faced by women in Telugu society very forcefully. She doesn’t wear her argument on her sleeve.

Chinuku magazine conducted a short story competition. The winners were presented with awards on the day. Sa Sri, the noted columnist and literary critic, spoke about Raghavachari and writer Veera Lakshmi introduced the works of Smt Satyavathi. While Vihari narrated his memories of Turaga Krishnamohan, KB Lakshmi spoke about Janakirani’s multifaceted personality.

Such meetings and gathering should be held extensively in Andhra Pradesh. We should talk about our language, our writers, our literature, our arts, our heritage, and our culture. A lot of people should write. A lot of people should critique the writings. Writers and scholars need to be encouraged and recognised by the society. Poems, plays, novels, short stories, history, documentaries should be produced in Telugu. We should create new words, bring back some forgotten but appropriate words into extensive usage, update our dictionaries, coin technical terminology and adopt every means to strengthen and modernise our language. That should be our mission in new Andhra Pradesh.