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I am Back!

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It’s a pretty long time since I have been here.

I got busy with a lot of professional commitments. Our company (RightFOLIO) was busy with a large pre-poll survey exercise. I was fully immersed in it, dealing with mounds of data that flowed continuously from the field. We had a challenging task of validating the data, verifying it, consolidating it, giving weightages and finally analyzing to arrive at our own forecasts. In addition, I had to also pay attention to the Skill Development Programme in the Northeast India of which we are a part.

I had half a mind to share the pre-poll survey findings. But issues of client confidentiality have prevented me from doing.

I must say that our forecasts for both Telangana and Andhra Pradesh have come true.

I was not able to even look at the comments that were posted for the last several weeks. I am sorry for that.

I thank every one of you who has taken time to read my writings and share your opinion on them.

Now that normal and routine life has resumed, I will be here much more frequently.