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Social Media is a Time Stealer

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I have drastically cut down the time I spend on the social media these days.

 I was unsure whether I would lose much by distancing myself from Facebook and Twitter. But I took a chance.

Today I can tell you that I hadn’t lost much; well, perhaps nothing at all. I rather gained. I have a lot of time for myself now. And I am saved the plight of being a reader of hundreds of clever things that people think up to serve every day on these networks.

The benefits of social media are unarguably great. You get to know the breaking news, connect with friends, make new friends, and generally get a hang of what people are thinking about and what issues are exercising their minds.

But there is a serious downside to it.

Social media is a big time stealer.

Without realizing one tends to spend a lot of time on it reading a lot of garbage in the name of updates. It steals your sleep, your quiet, your leisure, your work, and shuts you off from your immediate surroundings. All this happens without you actually noticing it. That’s the most dangerous thing about it. It fills your day with spurious activity.

As you get into the social media whirlpool, you tend to look at the updates/tweets of the same people again and again. What they ate, whom they hate, what they did, what they saw, whom they hanged around with, what they planned, what they wished, and many more

such silly things. These encourage you in turn to post equally silly and hollow things yourself, thereby adding to the mountains of nonsense out there on the net.

By getting away from the social media, you surely miss some good posts, nice observations, and some wonderful pictures in the process. But the benefits far outweigh the price that you pay.

You pay with the dearest of all the resources in your possession: your time.