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Response to ‘T’ Discussion in Karmayog – III

Socio-economic data do not support any claim of backwardness in Telangana or any discrimination against the region. Problems exist in Telangana, as they do in any other region in the state or for that matter in any other part of the country.

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Response to ‘T’ Discussion in Karmayog – II

It happened sooner than I expected. In just one breezy exchange, the scholar’s mask is blown off. The agit-prop craftsman has come to the fore. It is no more the issues that I raised in my original post. Nor is it any more the fallacies that I pointed out in the submissions of Sri Subhash C. Reddy, Ph.D’s response to my post. It is now about Parakala Prabhakar. What he said so many months and days ago. It also comes down to self-certification by Sri Subhash C. Reddy, Ph.D, about what he is not. However, while ignoring the insinuation, I accept his self-certification at face value. I am not interested in knowing what best describes him. I leave it to his choice. I disagreed with Subhash C. Reddy, Ph.D’s positions and his arguments. I pointed out the flaws in his reasoning. I never thought that he was evil. Nor have I ever suggested that he was less than respectable.

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Response to ‘T’ Discussion in Karmayog – I

I read the essay by Sri Subhash C. Reddy, Ph.D., with a lot of interest. The rapidity with which he has put together his response to my article is really amazing. Perhaps, the article pre-existed the posting of my piece in some modular form and was assembled quickly with some references from my article to make it look contextual and appear as though it addressed the issues that I raised.

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Break the Spell : Keep the State United

Most Telangana leaders, it is now clear, had realised that the arguments the Telangana ideologues had advanced in support of the demand for a separate Telangana State did not square with facts. But these leaders would find it difficult to retrace their stand. They would not like to be seen as the ones who had ‘let down’ the cause of Telangana. There should be a cogently constructed postulate with the help of which they can slowly jettison their Separate Telangana demand honourably and without losing their political constituency. We know that for the last several months almost all the leaders from Telangana region, cutting across party lines, have jumped onto the separate T-state bandwagon to build their political constituency; or at any rate not to let their political constituency slip out of their hold.

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Where Are the Battle Lines?

It is necessary, and often rewarding, to see through the screaming headlines of newspapers and beyond the chasing scrolls and hurried sound bytes on the TV channels. Any uncritical consumption of news about the goings on in Andhra Pradesh leads one to form an impression that the battle is between the people of Telangana region and the rest of the state. It gives an impression that the entire population of Telangana region wants a separate state; and the people of the other two regions – Coastal districts and Rayalaseema – want the state to stay united.

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In Praise of ‘T’ Agitation

Communication manufactures perceptions. Effective communication manufactures perceptions that are far more biting than reality. In their most potent form they can, in fact, replace reality and obfuscate one’s reasoning faculty. The ongoing Telangana agitation offers a formidable example of effective use of political communication. It is in the deployment of a well-designed communication strategy that the present agitation differs from the earlier one. It is the sophisticated use of communication that gave depth to the present stir.

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Let’s Strive to Keep the State United

Visalandhra Mahasabha is formed by us who are dedicated to the cause of unity of Telugu people. We seek to celebrate our glorious history, our ancient language and our rich culture. We feel that it is our sacred duty to preserve the unity of our State.

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Deconstructing Arundhati Roy’s ‘Walking With the Comrades’

It is quite unusual for a newsmagazine to carry a 32 page article. Outlook in its 29 March 2010 issue carried a lengthy essay ‘Walking with the Comrades’ by Arundhati Roy. The publishers even chose to call it a ‘Collector’s Issue’. In the contents page the essay, however, is titled ‘An Introduction to Arms’. The editorial blurb teasingly tells us “…the celebrated writer-activist brings alive the world of Maoist camps and hideouts with all her narrative power, and abandons political correctness to passionately argue that their war against the state is truly a people’s war.” The essay understandably evoked strong reactions. Some of them – both denunciations as well as accolades– were published by Outlook itself in its subsequent issues as readers’ letters. However, these responses have not been able to deconstruct Arundhati Roy’s dissertation. Shankar Sharan and Abhinav Kumar do this much needed deconstruction. In their articles brought together in this volume they interrogate her assumptions, conclusions, deductions, and each part of her argument. They show that Roy parrotted what she was told by the comrades and uncritically relayed it to the readers. The fallacies in her constructions, the syllogistic traps that she laid (or did she fall herself into them?) and speciousness of her arguments are very competently brought out by the writers.

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One Cheer for Each!

The gruesome massacre of tribals in Chattisgarh is a typical Maoist retaliation. Anybody who is familiar with their tactics will not be surprised at the barbarity of the attack. The State as well as those who are out to destroy it have trained their guns against each other in the thick Bastar forests. The irony, however, is that on both the sides the arms are mounted on the shoulders of the simple and the credulous tribal.

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Praja Rajyam Dissolves into Congress

A phase of consolidation seems to have begun in the volatile political market of Andhra Pradesh. Praja Rajyam Party (PRP) merged with Congress. Its founder President and matinee idol Chiranjivi announced in Delhi after meeting Sonia Gandhi that his party’s merger with Congress was unconditional. What is remarkable in this development is that he and Congress preferred merger and not an alliance between the two parties.

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