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India is crying for Maitri​: Maitri from its Government

This week I will examine the narrative of denial of the large scale human tragedy that’s unfolding before our eyes, the compelling and inescapable reality on the ground, and then call out the Faustian bargain some influential sections of our civil society seemed to have entered into.

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Covid Surge, National Numbing & Accountability

We are witnessing perhaps one of the the largest surges of COVID infections in the world. Death toll is mounting. By the end of Monday, the official number

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Amrutmahotsav, IMF & Reimagining Indian State

In the mornings I usually sit in the portico to have my coffee watching flowers, birds, butterflies, bees and squirrels. Milk and newspaper

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BJP & State Elections 2021: Saffron Surge?

In less than a month we will know the outcome of the bitter electoral battles that are underway now. Four states and one union territory are in the midst of a no holds

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Poverty Data & Data Poverty

About two weeks ago Pew Research Centre has released a report. It said that during the pandemic India's poverty has increased and its middle

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PSU Mega Sale & Vizag Steal

This week we will turn our attention to the Government of India's decision to privatise Vizag Steel plant, Visakha Ukku. We will try and put it in the larger context of the government’s intent

PSU Mega Sale & Vizag Steal, Midweek Matters, Parakala Prabhakar​, VizagSteelPlantPrivatisation​, Vishaka Ukku, Andhra Pradesh, PM Modi, Vizag Steel plant 05-04-2021 0 Comments

Bonsai Universities & Ripped Jeans

What happened at Ashoka University, the quitting of two distinguished academics from the oversold private university, invitation to wives of India's corporate giants to join the Benares Hindu University

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A Spectre Is Haunting This Government - The Spectre Of Digital News

This week we will try to unpack the implications of the Informations Technology (Intermediary Guidelines and Digita Media Ethics Code) Rules, 2021 for our democracy. What to make of the new IT Rules 2021

A Spectre Is Haunting This Government - The Spectre Of Digital News, OTT Platform, SocialMediaGuidelines,​ MidweekMatters,​ ParakalaPrabhakar, ​ IT Rules 2021, Prakash Javedekar, Parakala, Digital Media, Midweek Matters 02-04-2021 0 Comments