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అమ్మనోట ... అమ్మనుడి

Many expressions Amma uses are not anymore to be heard in the contemporary telugu speech. They are a treasure. They should be noted and preserved.

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నీ అసలు భయం

The poet describes the fear of truth in a person, class, or a section. They tremble at the sight of pen, ink and writing.

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Can't We Do This For Telugu?

This discusses the challenges Telugu language and its teaching face

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Celebrating Telugu Language, Literature and Scholarship

Two legends were felicitated the other day by Turaga Foundation in Vijayawada. Sri C Raghavachari who edited Visalandhra daily newspaper for over thirty years was given Turaga Krishnamohan Award in Journalism. And Smt P Satyavathi who wrote very influential short stories was presented the Turaga Janakirani Award in Literature

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My Reading Corner

This is my little work corner at home. I read, write, think, reflect and sometimes just sit there quietly. I guess that I am only a little older than this table. Amma got it made a little after I was born.

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Gorakh Pandey’s Lines

I am posting a poem written by Gorakh Pandey. Pandeyji and I lived in the same hostel in Jawaharlal Nehru University. On the same floor, I remember. I too was a late riser like him. We often ran into each other while brushing at the washrooms when the entire hostel was quiet and everyone had either gone off to their classes or to the library.

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సర్దుకో లేవు, కానీ …. చెప్పుకోనూ లేవు

సర్దుకో లేవు కానీ …. చెప్పుకోనూ లేవు ఇవి శ్రావ్యమైన శ్రుతిలో గుసగుసగా వినిపించే ప్రశ్నలు ఒక్క ఉదుటున పడి పేలే పిడుగుల్లాగా కాదు ఇవి అప్పుడే వచ్చినట్టు

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నాది మూడవ కన్ను

A description of the Poet's point of view that rejects nostalgia and impending apocalypse. His view celebrates the present.

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Grateful for the Life’s Throw of Dice

Actually I wanted to write this yesterday. Last night itself, to be precise. But when I finished reading this it was quite late in the night. And as the day breaks, things are not in your control. There are things to do. Tasks to complete. People to meet. Calls to make. Meetings to attend. And mails to answer.

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