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Demolition of Statues, Osmania University, Parakala Prabhakar, Telangana agitation 03-05-2013 0 Comments

If That is Their Best Effort, Then You Know What It Is

I have been saying from the very beginning that the shrillness of the demand for a separate state of Telangana is quite disproportionate to the support for the demand. I have also been saying that its support is quite shallow. And I have also been saying that a large section of the population of the Telangana region is not in favour of division of the state.

Andhra Pradesh, Parakala Prabhakar, T-JAC, Telangana, Visalandhra Mahasabha 01-10-2012 0 Comments

Telugu Media Houses::The New Charm Offensive

I would like to think that they did what they did to achieve some noble objectives. But, I am afraid, elements that point in a different direction do stick out rather uncomfortably.

Andhra Pradesh, Eenadu, Media, NTV, Parakala Prabhakar, Telugu, Telugu Newspapers, Telugu Velugu 13-09-2012 0 Comments

Kodandaram Threatens Minister Sridhar Babu

The Chairman of Telangana Political Joint Action Committee (T-JAC) Prof Kodandaram said that Minister Sridharbabu will meet the same fate as his father. For those of you who do not know what kind of fate Sridhar Babu’s father met, here is a brief account. Sridhar’s father, Sripada Rao, was the Speaker of our State Assembly. He was a very popular leader and an affable person. He was brutally gunned down in cold blood by the Naxals. That was the fate that he met.

Andhra Pradesh, Kodandaram, Parakala Prabhakar, Sridhar Babu Duddilla, Telangana agitation 08-09-2012 0 Comments

Looking back at 2011

Although it is ‘Kolaveri Di’ which will go down as the biggest rage of 2011 that captured the nation’s attention, it is the common housewife in the TV commercial for a tea brand who uttered the line that captured the mood of the nation. She said, “Desh Ubhal Raha Hai.” This one line tells the story of India in 2011.

Anna Hazare, Chandrababu Naidu, Indian Politics, Parakala Prabhakar, Rahul Gandhi, UPA 16-01-2012 0 Comments

Disrespectful of Prof Jayashankar?

There was very vigorous discussion on my recent posts in my blog. Many people chose to comment on them. Some are constructive, and some are, predictably, abusive. Some are substantive and some others are pointless. It is a mixed bag, as usual.

Andhra Pradesh, Parakala Prabhakar, Prof Jayashankar, Telangana, Visalandhra Mahasabha 07-12-2011 0 Comments

Message From Banswada

The Banswada electoral verdict has a sub-text. It is more significant than the headlines. The headlines are that the TRS candidate has won the by-election with an impressive margin. The sub text, however, is that the Congress candidate has polled surprisingly high number of votes.

Banswada 17-10-2011 0 Comments

Reclaiming our Democratic Space

Yesterday, Visalandhra Mahasabha (VMS) had organized a press conference in Hyderabad. Our prime objective was to appeal to everyone concerned not to use children and students as pawns in the ongoing political game.

Reclaiming our Democratic Space 12-10-2011 0 Comments

Response to the Responses

There has been a lot of interest in the pieces that I posted, especially ‘In Praise of T Agitation’, and ‘Q&A With Parakala Prabhakar’ in Business Standard. When the responses started coming in, I thought that it would be better to write a general response at one go by bunching together the various issues raised, rather than respond to them one by one as they come in.

Andhra Pradesh, BJP, Congress, Indian Politics, Parakala Prabhakar, Telangana, TRS 03-08-2011 0 Comments

Jobless Growth Strategy Still Haunts

Very often it is in some abstruse seminar papers that the actual thinking of the establishment is revealed. Notwithstanding eloquent speeches to the contrary in the legislatures, or loud protests against them on the streets, it is these strands of ideas that relentlessly shape the government’s policy thrusts.

Jobless Growth Strategy 13-02-2011 0 Comments