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An Impressive Cultural Initiative in Vijayawada

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This is perhaps the fourth time I went to Cultural Centre of Vijayawada (CCV). A place for art, culture, language and heritage. A place that is set up in Vijayawada with great passion and maintained with dedication by Sri Y Harischandra Prasad. The Centre is running under the guidance of the renowned archeologist and Buddhist scholar Dr E Sivanagi Reddy.

Since it was inaugurated in January this year, the Centre hosted 83 programmes I am told. They are in the news every other day. They had exhibitions of paintings by a large number of artists: from Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and many other states in the country.

They had recently brought out a poetry anthology – Poetic Prism 2015. About 140 poets from 14 languages contributed to the collection. What made the volume stand out was that poems were printed in the language’s own script. A brief synopsis of the drift of the poem was given for the reader to get an idea of the poem. Most of those poets arrived in Vijayawada and recited their poetry on the banks of river Krishna.

Today I went again to the Centre and participated in a programme. This was the signing of MOU between the Centre and Korean Fine Arts Association (FFAA). Seo Jiang Ju, an eminent painter, represented the Association. She is also doing a residency for two days at the Centre.

I saw her working in the studio in the Centre today. Her portfolio, titled Healing, is very impressive. It is very soothing to the eye. Her works looked like as though she was portraying a variety of windows in different colours – deep red, blue, yellow, green. But they may not be windows. I may be wrong. I could not find out from her. She could barely converse in English.

Initiatives like the CCV need support and encouragement. Government leaders and those who are in prominent positions in various walks of life in our society should lend a hand to such efforts.

Art and culture and heritage need careful nurturing. People, common people and especially young people, have to take ownership of our society’s past, our literature, and our rich art forms.  There is a lot in these to be proud of, and draw inspiration from. If exposed to their proper interpretation, young people surely will take pride in them. Art, artists, poets and writers never cease to inspire. I have seen a bunch of young people in the Centre. Hope to see many more in the months and years to come.

Endeavours like these are surely not profitable. But they are immensely valuable.