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అమ్మ చీరల మమకారం

This narrates Parakala Prabhakar's mother Parakala Kalikamba's love for clothes and especially sarees

Parakala Prabhakar, Parakala Kalikamba, Sarees 18-09-2019 0 Comments

అమ్మనోట ... అమ్మనుడి

Many expressions Amma uses are not anymore to be heard in the contemporary telugu speech. They are a treasure. They should be noted and preserved.

Amma, Parakala, Telugu, Telugu Language 29-08-2019 0 Comments


This is Parakala's poem about whom he thinks of when he is in different states of mind and conditions

Parakala Telugu Poetry 08-06-2019 0 Comments

My Sanskrit Speech

My first speech in Sanskrit to the students who completed their 10 day short course on Sanskrit conversation, organised by Samskrita Bharati, Hyderabad.

Sanskrit, Samskrita Bharati, Parakala 07-05-2019 0 Comments

నీ అసలు భయం

The poet describes the fear of truth in a person, class, or a section. They tremble at the sight of pen, ink and writing.

parakala Prabhakr, Poetry, Telugu 29-12-2018 0 Comments

Can't We Do This For Telugu?

This discusses the challenges Telugu language and its teaching face

Telugu Language, Children's Literature, Telugu Teaching, 17-12-2018 0 Comments

Arjuna, the Elephant

Arjuna, the 60 year old elephant in the Nagarhole National Park Tiger Reserve, Karnataka

Parakala, Nagarhole, Tiger Reserve, Forest, Naturalists, Jungle, Wildlife, Karnataka, Incredible India, Spotted Deer, 13-12-2018 0 Comments


Parakala in this poem describes Defiance

Telugu Poetry, Poetry, Parakala, Defiance 10-12-2018 0 Comments

Madhya Pradesh: Political Conversations at the Grassroots

Ground report and analysis of the political situation in Madhya Pradesh before 2018 Assembly elections

Madhya Pradesh, Elections 2018, BJP, Congress, Parakala, Modi, Shivraj Singh Chouhan, Rahul Gandhi 20-11-2018 0 Comments

మా ఇంట్లో దీపావళి

This is how we celebrated Deepavali at home in Narasapuram in our childhood

Deepavali, Diwali, Amma, Parakala Prabhakar, Festival, Narasapuram, 16-11-2018 0 Comments